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Acupunture & Grief Support

“FLOW.” FLOW PHASE, the energy of transformation vital to growth and change in a lifetime. Using FIVE PHASE ACUPUNCTURE and following laws of transformation in the world of nature, pain may be eased and heaviness lifted.


Acupuncture may also ease the pain of “GRIEF,” one of the FIVE EMOTIONS associated with the Five Phases. The other four emotions are FEAR, ANGER, JOY, and WORRY. In a healthy flow, all these emotions are expressed as gifts rather than challenges.


Acupuncture supports balance and flow so healing can happen naturally.

images: Unsplash


By observing their world, the ancient Chinese identified patterns that occurred over and over again in Nature. They called these phases, THE FIVE ELEMENTS – WATER, WOOD, FIRE, EARTH and METAL. We know these transformational energy cycles as “the seasons.”

Acupuncture is an ancient and effective form of health care that has evolved into a holistic medicine that treats the body, mind and spirit. It is best understood by the science of quantum physics that acknowledges some invisible guidance to the visible world including but not limited to electro-magnetic fields.

With any change, there is a necessary letting go of what used to be. Grief is a healthy response to loss … unless it gets stuck. Anger may be a constructive feeling in response to loss … unless it gets stuck. Hence, the Grief Support is to help meet the new emotional needs of these modern times with non-judgmental healing support.

     By learning Reiki, the benefits may be felt by you AND those you treat! Reiki reduces stress allowing the body, mind, and spirit to heal itself for the facilitator and client. It all starts with YOU declaring your intention to heal. This universal energy radiates from your own hands providing balance and flow to the provider while intentionally giving it to others. Quite literally, you receive when you give!

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